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IRIS boasts of a splendid legacy that dates back to the turn of the millennium. Amidst the typical B-school environment, it brings forth a fresh amalgamation of management and culture in an exhilarating 3 day extravaganza.

IRIS is the Greek goddess of the rainbow, a bridge that connects simple earthlings to the heavenly abode of the Gods. Taking inspiration from this, the festival provides a platform for those mere mortals, relying on their wits, skills and determination, to strive for glory and achieve that which is beyond their reach.

Since its inception in 2010, it has emerged as flagship management-cultural fest of IIM Indore. It is more of an amalgamation of talent and action involving brightest business minds across the nation. Over the year,it has seen huge participation from premier institutions of the nation and high corporate inclusion. IRIS has also been on the page of Guiness World Record Book

Reigniting Exuberance




The opportunity of being trained in one of the most prestigious B-schools in the country. It offers students a unique combination of-

Team oriented tasks, events, simulations, guest lectures, Intro to Marketing world spread across 3 eventful days.

Students develop a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of how businesses,come up with strategies and forecast the consequences. Reality teaches one lesson that theory cannot.

All our tasks and events are based on real-life cases & situations to help understand how theories can be applied to even the most twisted scenarios.

We help you understand how to communicate with newer folks, create business like simulations etc.


Anushka Chawla +91-7906858617

Abhisek Purab Das +91-9668765495

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Ranbhoomi is Central India's largest sporting event. With a footfall of 20000+, it offers an ideal opportunity for student-athletes across the country to showcase their talents in 20+ different sports at a national level.

Organised by the students of IIM Indore, it is truly a three-day extravaganza of pure, unadulterated sporting fun. On the field, sports is all about glory, determination and perseverance but sports is much more than that.

Off the field, it's a platform for social change, and in this endeavour, team Ranbhoomi has strived to contribute towards solving the numerous socio-environmental problems faced by the society through its various social campaigns and initiatives in collaboration with several prominent NGOs and CSR organisations.

This is the true essence of sports, and Ranbhoomi aims to serve as a platform to promote this message and unite everyone who believes in it.


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